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Billboard Express has taken the most effective advertising techniques and applied them to mobile billboard trucks. Insurance industry data shows that most people drive almost exclusively within a small radius of their homes. Right where we are!

Motion With Rotating Ads

Billboard Express has tri-visional technology. Every 8 seconds or 4,500 times per day the side of the truck rotates a new ad creating a wave like effect. The motion and changing color of the ads draws attention from every direction and causes a lock-on effect keeping attention of the viewer though a full series of rotations.

Target Coverage

Billboard Express follows predesignated routes that have been studied, researched, and proven to have the most foot and vehicle traffic. We are solely dedicated to advertising all day long.

GPS Tracking

All our mobile billboards have real time global positioning systems on board ensuring market coverage in reaching your target audience. Complete and accurate reports of where and when your ad was displayed are available to you when you advertise with Billboard Express.

Eye Catching

Bright colorful ads are at eyelevel on the mobile billboard, not high in the sky and hidden like most fixed billboards. Our mobile billboards are uniquely built and outfitted to be engaging, entertaining and most of all, effective. The advertising faces comprise a complete branding experience.

Unavoidable and unforgettable

Mobile billboards can't be tuned out, turned off, or thrown away. We bring in your face, unavoidable exposure to the consumer all day long.

Maximum Exposure

We repeatedly travel the same predetermined route of the highest traffic streets. The route has streets with multiple lanes and maximum number of intersections. Most routes exceed 30,000 cars per day with an additional 20,000 pedestrians, passengers, and onlookers from surrounding buildings for total of more than 50,000 impressions per day.

Repetition Drives Recall

Over a course of a typical five day business week the mobile billboard drives its route for at least 40 hours, Tuesday thru Saturday. It appears to be everywhere all the time, it's impossible not to see your ad! People remember your ad because of the sheer size of the image, the motion and the frequency of images that flash before their eyes.

Cost advantage

It's all about Cost per Impression. That's where Billboard Express has the advantage and beats the competition. The CPM is the lowest in the advertising industry at less than $2.00 per thousand impressions.

Billboard Express gives you the opportunity to target your market with repeated exposure bringing your message directly to the consumer where they live work and play, all day. Please email us at rick.zakhar@billboardexpress.com or call 877.782.7438 to reserve your mobile billboard today!

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